TalentReach Powers BoldIQ


BoldIQ is all about efficiency. They enable customers to increase profitably by fulfilling demand with optimized schedules in real time, every time. They provide software that fulfills customer demand with optimal resource scheduling in real time, increasing profitability by 7-20%.

It’s no wonder that when they need to hire, they call TalentReach. TalentReach isn’t just a recruiting firm they have re-imagined the entire recruitment process, and can seamlessly act as BoldIQ’s internal HR team, filling roles quickly and efficiently with candidates that can hit the ground running.

“TalentReach just gets it,” says Shelley Freeman, VP of Customer Success and Sales.  “They’ve made it easy to hire. They understand what we’re looking for. As a lean startup, we don’t have in-house recruiters. TalentReach does all the legwork and gets us great candidates who are ready to go and excited.”

BoldIQ is 100% focused on their mission to deliver maximum efficiency for their customer organizations. To do this, they need top notch engineers, and they need them yesterday. Their team is busy all day, every day, delivering on their promise – they don’t have the time to source engineers, prescreen them, and then conduct assessments to find out if they have the skills for the job. Instead, they simply mobilize TalentReach, who understand the unique skills that BoldIQ is looking for in engineers.

TalentReach isn’t just finding qualified candidates – they find the right fit for BoldIQ. They have reimagined the entire hiring process, and the result is a better experience for candidates – a real differentiator in Seattle’s competitive hiring climate. “Everyone we hired said how great TalentReach was to work with, and how personable they are,” says Freeman. “This is important because the values we have as a company are injected right from the beginning of the hiring process. And when you’re competing for talent with much larger organizations, this really makes a difference.”


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