Hiring for Sales: Protect Your Investment with Experienced Recruiters

Recruiting for any important role requires skill and experience, but in no area is it more critical than hiring for sales positions. Sales are the lifeblood of the financial health of an organization – your revenue stream requires a top notch product or service, but even the best can’t do it without skilled salespeople. Hiring the wrong salespeople is incredibly expensive too – poor fit and high turnover can be a huge financial burden on an organization. TalentReach has special expertise in this area – the team has sales in its DNA – and has won over its customers.

Estimates of annual salesforce turnover in the U.S. is 27% – more than twice the rate of the average workforce. Of course, new salespeople take time to learn the product or service, get trained, and ramp up to their full potential of sales. Client relationships suffer when salespeople leave and must be rebuilt. Training is expensive: U.S. companies spend $15 billion a year training salespeople and another $800 billion on incentives…they make a big investment in their salespeople which is erased when people leave. Our team has seen this first-hand, from their experience building successful sales teams for growing organizations, and it makes us uniquely suited to deliver successful sales candidates.

TalentReach Co-Founder Jeff Sears, worked in sales for more than 18 years, moving to Vice President of Sales of a large HR technology company, where he helped build a multi-million dollar sales force from the ground floor up. “We understand sales, and the structure of a solid sales organization,” said Sears. “We know what the role requires – we get the foundational needs for sales.”

It’s this fundamental understanding that lets TalentReach advise clients and help them find the right people. Sometimes, a client will ask TalentReach to help source a candidate for an Account Executive role, but after discussion with our experts, we’ll show them they have an internal SDR candidate who would be much better suited, and we should be backfilling THAT role instead, and moving the SDR into the Account Executive role. Or we’ll be asked to source Account Executives, when they really need someone with Client Development experience.

Sales is unique in that while experience matters, it’s really all about the person and their personality and character. These things often don’t show up on paper – you’ve got to be sitting across from them. “When you’ve interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people, you get the key words and nonverbal cues,” said Mark Caldwell, Senior Talent Consultant at TalentReach. “We will not place a candidate until we have sat down with them and talked, even if it’s s virtually over Facetime or Skype. It’s another big differentiator for TalentReach.”

So what is TalentReach looking for specifically in a candidate in an interview? It may not be the number of years in the same field – many of our most successful sales candidates have leapt from one industry to another. “We’re looking at their personality,” says David VanGeystel, Senior Talent Consultant. “Grit and mental strength. An attitude of gratitude. These are the people that outperform – we want longevity in a role. In addition to the tools we use to measure these types of attributes, we have years of experience that helps us identify these stellar candidates.”

What are you looking for in your sales organization? Is it a new position? Or a new sales structure? Is it someone with years of experience in one industry – or a new up and comer with a fierce attitude and unquestionable rapport with clients? Sometimes, the answer requires a sit down with some of the most experienced sales recruiters in town. Give us a call at 206.339.1374 or email us at info@talentreachnw.com and let us help you get started.


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