Our Approach

Recruiting is broken. In the past, it was a volume game. This resulted in mountains of resumes and was beyond inefficient.  Just ask any hiring manager who is trying to get their job done while simultaneously weeding through resumes and screening calls and interviews of “not quite” candidates. While experienced recruiters can source the right fit candidates, it can be slow and expensive. Even the best recruiter won’t uncover certain talent if they had 100 hours in every day. Today’s talent acquisition challenges require a new solution.

TalentReach has built a new model that fits the needs of today’s high growth, tech-savvy industries. Our team has more than 40 years of combined hiring and recruiting experience, from both sides of the recruiting relationship. We’ve hired for some of the top companies in the industry and we know what works. We take that experience and knowledge and only send you the right candidates that will be a perfect fit for your organization. The result? Better candidates, faster.

In today’s business climate, your talent is your differentiator. You can’t afford to have the wrong people – and you can’t afford to put your core business functions on hold while your key people are sifting through resumes or interviewing candidates that are a poor fit. Your business is already growing – that’s why you need new talent. Our team can find the people you need to be successful, and can scale with your business as you continue to grow.

Our Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible service.

Jeff Sears

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Eric Crawford

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Chris Hulings

Principal Talent Director

Helen Farid

Account Executive

Justin Jensen

Senior Talent Consultant

Tory Schuessler

Recruiting Manager

Geoff Hise

Account Executive

Brandon Eickmeier

Senior Talent Consultant

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