The TalentReach Difference: One Candidate’s Perspective

TalentReach helped Casey Cochran find his perfect fit.

TalentReach was founded on the principle of changing how recruiting works – and that starts with how candidates are treated. Too many recruiters treat candidates as a volume item, and their goal is to send clients as many as possible, hoping that sheer volume will deliver one who is a good match for the client’s organization. It’s just one of the many things that TalentReach sough to change.

TalentReach believes in building relationships with both clients and candidates. It serves neither to set up time consuming interviews that just highlight a mismatch. At TalentReach, we hope to have long, multi-year relationships with both candidates and clients, so we take a different approach. Getting to know each as individuals and building a history with them so that we can fill the right roles with the right people, setting both up for success. Casey Cochran is the perfect example of a candidate we worked with, and found him his perfect role.

“I have a nontraditional story,” says Casey. “I had met Jeff (Sears) in my previous role, in sports hospitality. We had a few conversations and I told him I’d be looking to move to a new industry. I wanted to move to a technology or SAAS based company, but was worried that my sales experience wouldn’t translate. Jeff gave me honest and straight feedback, and it started a conversation that went on for several months.”

One unique aspect of TalentReach is the ability of all of the team to work together. While Jeff Sears was Casey’s first introduction to the TalentReach team, he quickly met other team members and he felt the organization was working for him. 

After many conversations, the TalentReach team reached out to Casey about an event they were hosting – another uniquely TalentReach offering. TalentReach regularly hosts events like panel discussions and lectures which double as networking events where potential employers and candidates can mingle and get to know each other. It was at one such event that Casey was introduced to several companies and hiring managers to follow up with. 

One company, Smartsheet, had an open position that seemed like the perfect fit for Casey. TalentReach made the connection, and an interview was set up. “It moved really quickly once the process started,” said Casey. “TalentReach was really great. They kept in touch with the recruiter and always let me know what was next in the process.”

Casey ended up with the perfect role, a Client Development Manager for SmartSheet. He says he felt TalentReach  really prepared him for the interview and gave him insights about the company that allowed him to make a good impression and a good decision. 

“With TalentReach, you actually felt you were connecting with them as a person, rather than just the next role they wanted to place. The team was genuinely interested in me,” says Casey. “I had worked with other recruiters before, but TalentReach was different. Other recruiters have more of a ‘Let’s throw a bunch of roles at you and see what sticks, rather than seeing what worked for me. My current opportunity is exactly as they described and I love it,”


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