The AI Transformation in Hiring

Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s revolutionizing the way we work, live and interact with the world around us. The use of AI in all industries is increasing rapidly and new uses are popping up every day. It’s not just for tech companies or specialized jobs anymore. For recruiters, AI is becoming a necessary tool. And all job seekers, no matter their industry, should be developing the ability to leverage AI tools.

First, let’s talk about fear mongering. Perhaps you’ve seen the clickbait headlines that declare that AI is coming to take jobs away from humans. While every major technological advancement has displaced workers, a large number of net new higher paying jobs have also been created. You can see this with the industrial revolution and with the rise of the internet and e-commerce. Santo Criscuolo, SVP of Client Development at Collective[i], a transformative sales platform, asks, “Will AI take your job? Possibly. But up-skilling with new technology, almost always ensures your services are in demand.”

There are so many uses of AI in recruitment; AI can write more robust job descriptions, reduce bias and increase inclusivity, ensure it’s optimized for search engines, and increase candidate engagement, just to name a few. It can write better interview questions. All of those also contribute to one of the greatest benefits of AI: speed. Using AI allows people to do their jobs faster, critical for any organization trying to do more with less.It is the equivalent of adding headcount. Recruiters will have much more time to build relationships with clients and candidates when they can craft more personalized emails and compelling job descriptions in a fraction of the time it now takes. AI simply maximizes resources.

It’s no wonder that Criscuolo is a huge believer in AI. Criscuolo says, “I joined Collective[i] because I believe in the mission of empowering sellers to be more successful.” The Collective[i] platform works with sales organizations who recognize that AI has the potential to radically improve productivity, forecasting accuracy, win rates, sales velocity, as well as facilitate the collaboration and referrals that grow revenue. Their platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning in the B2B sector to give customers an edge. 

Criscuolo says that all of Collective[i]’s hiring managers are evaluating candidates with the lens of an AI driven world. “Every candidate that uses AI skills will be a better candidate for whatever job description you have,” he says. “I’ve found that the candidates that are willing to embrace it are more intellectually curious and more coachable. If they resist it, we’re finding they don’t have the growth mindset necessary for success.”

Criscuolo sees the impact daily as he works with sales professionals across all industry verticals. “The status quo of 30% seller productivity and 86% buyer dissatisfaction, can be solved with AI because it allows you to focus on what matters most… arming your team with tools they need to win and providing customers with exceptional value.”

Bill Gates recently said that ChatGPT is the “the most important advance in technology since the graphical user interface.” It is the fastest growing app in history reaching over 100 million users in two months and it is now attracting 40 million users globally per day. 

Become better at whatever you do – as a candidate, employee or recruiter, by taking advantage of this productivity tool. “If you’re not using it by now, you’re already falling behind,” says Criscuolo.

Don’t believe us? This post was written by a human, and enhanced by AI. 


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