TalentReach and Azuqua: A Partnership


Overview: Azuqua is a Seattle-based software integration and business automation company. They help enterprise businesses connect their applications and platforms, streamlining business processes and helping data flow seamlessly, without the need of developer resources.

Problem: Azuqua is focused on growing their team of highly skilled engineers, sales leaders, and other key positions. They do not have an in-house human resources team or recruiters, but need to keep a steady pipeline of qualified candidates coming in. Tech and sales roles were increasingly hard to fill in the competitive Seattle market. CEO Todd Owens sums it up: “It’s hard to tap top talent.”

Solution: Azuqua brought on TalentReach to manage in house HR functions. TalentReach took the time to learn the company goals, culture and talent requirements, working with each of the hiring managers. They also made sure that all the job descriptions were well-written and compelling and even had them monitor the internal job board. While many companies will engage with a recruiter or recruiting agency for a specific short term goal, such as hiring 5 or 10 positions, then moving on, Azuqua made the commitment to a longer term relationship with TalentReach. Their RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model goes beyond traditional expectations and ensures better fit candidates and saves hiring managers critical time they need to spend on their core functions. They sent weekly debriefs of progress and brought the best candidates in to interview.

Results: TalentReach was able to fill 7 key roles for Azuqua within 30 days. They have on-boarded employees and continue to monitor internal job boards while aggressively searching for external candidates.

It takes a team of experienced tech recruiters to find the supertalent hidden in the crowd.

The tech roles they filled were a huge boon to Azuqua – some of the roles had been open for as long as 7 months. TalentReach took the time to really understand Azuqua’s product – a SaaS integration tool – and see the type of engineers they needed. They needed people who deeply understood systems software. The other recruiting agencies they had worked with did not have expertise at the system level – they were just trying to match keywords from job descriptions to resumes. TalentReach knew the domain and knew how to actively reach out and find the engineers who would be a good fit. They knew how to deliver results, not just a list of candidates with some of the skills for the roles.

Azuqua CEO, Todd Owens.

CEO Todd Owens has been impressed with results. It was particularly helpful to have TalentReach’s level of expertise in hiring sales candidates: “Jeff understands what a sales leader needs. He knows what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about fit, not a resume,” says Owens.  “Salespeople are really good at interviewing, whether or not they can sell. It’s good to have someone with battle scars who can see the difference.”

Both Azuqua and TalentReach are committed to delivering the best service for their customers. Both organizations hold themselves to the highest standards of quality, which make them ideal partners.

“It’s the effort TalentReach puts in up front. They are committed to the relationship with us. They know how to sell the company, how to sell the role and they are committed to the role. There is a level of loyalty with TalentReach,” says Owens. “It makes all the difference.”


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