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The uses of AI are growing exponentially, and organizations are rushing to leverage the new technology. In the recruiting and hiring world, many people are just now understanding the implications of how it can be used to source talent. But other, more obvious use cases, are already capturing mainstream attention and adoption, such as AI in Sales. One company is enjoying watching the game of “catch up” as they’ve been ahead of the game and saw the potential for AI in the sales arena years ago. is an innovative sales automation platform that uses your unique CRM and sales engagement data, 3rd party buyer intent data and Generative AI to continuously identify who to contact, when, and with what tailored message for optimal engagement.. They were two years ahead of the AI curve, and the platform shows it. The results speak for themselves: it’s like turbo charging a sales team.

It comes at a great time, when sales pros in the B2B space are having to do more with less, sales budgets are frozen, and the headwinds for sales are strong. Buyers are savvy and are not impressed with the outreach and prospecting efforts that worked just a few years ago. Sales engagement platforms are only as good as the content stored within them. In order for sellers to get buyers on the hook these days, the content has to be personalized. Yet true personalization, beyond Hi first-name, requires precious time that sales teams don’t have. That’s where comes in.

Founder and president Matt Millen of sums it up: “At a high level, time kills sales, and AI kills time.” provides the right message, at the right time, to the right buyers, completely autonomously, while only surfacing up the most engaged and qualified audiences for your sales team to work. It sets up the sales person for a level of productivity and success not seen before. Users have reported being 10-20 times more productive with than before. 

In a traditional sales outreach, a salesperson might spend 20 minutes going on LinkedIn, finding a prospect and personalizing an email. does it automatically. It takes the initial “grind” factor out of prospecting so they can spend time working the most engaged leads demonstrating the right buying signals. 

Besides the tremendous results, also solves an underreported problem: fatigue and burnout in sales. It’s mentally exhausting to be told no all day long, to be hung up on, and rejected. Sales professionals tell us that is FUN. “We’ve been told it ‘makes magic’,” says Millen. “It takes two times as many wins to offset a loss for a sales person.” is in the business of helping reps win more. By focusing their time on only the audiences who want to speak with them, and not spending cycles working audiences that persistently tell them no, it dramatically improves the quality of their day.

The experience is also better for buyers. They aren’t getting poorly written templated emails or being hammered with unwanted sales outreach. The AI outreach from improves the experience with buyers and makes them want to engage with a human seller again. In a profession where Gartner has found that 75% of survey respondents said they “never want to engage with sales rep again” this is a game changer.

Best of all, takes no time at all to implement. Once downloaded, enterprise sales teams can start using it immediately. It can incorporate a brand voice, tone, key personas and custom prompts to immediately start building a robust pipeline of meetings and revenue. 

Lots of companies claim they are using AI, but in reality they are just dipping their toe into the water, tacking on some light AI capabilities to their separate core offerings. is a true vertical solution, aligned fully to the sales workflow and rep level task execution. It’s the fastest way to supercharge anyone selling B2B. 


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