Spotlight on doxo: an Industry Leader Reflects on Recruiting Landscape in 2023

Got bills? Who doesn’t? For everyone who has had a headache due to the anxiety of staying on top of bills, meet doxo. The company was founded on the idea that there should be a simpler way for consumers to pay all of their bills through a single account, with any payment method, on any device. They have definitely struck a chord with consumers. As the company enjoys incredible growth, they are facing the enviable problem of all successful tech companies: finding the right people to keep the company on its current growth trajectory. 

Recruiting in the new landscape is a challenge. The last few years have brought the most change. According to Luke Williams, Recruiting Leader at doxo, “The biggest changes I’ve seen is in the relationship between candidates and recruiters.” This plays out in several ways. Some is generational – younger members of the workforce have different expectations and norms. “Before the COVID pandemic, it would be super rare to have a candidate ‘ghost’ or simply not show up for a scheduled interview,” says Williams. “Now, we have seen this as a common practice for many of our active candidates.” When followed up with, many respond that a better opportunity came by in the interim. This is an effect of the “candidates’ market” that has had employers scrambling.

What can employers do? Step up their game. Employer branding has never been more important. “You need to be a company that these candidates care about,” says Williams. “They have to be at least interested enough to show up for an interview.” It’s not just about compensation. Many states now require that the compensation range be listed in the job description. So candidates know up front – they aren’t walking away based on compensation. It’s more important what the role is: top candidates know what they want to do, and seek a role that will be a good fit. Speed to hire is also still critical. Recruiters and hiring managers need to start the conversation with candidates quickly. If it takes a week from an initial conversation with a recruiter to a more formal one with a hiring manager, chances are high the candidate will lose interest. Because in this market, there are more opportunities than great candidates.

Williams is optimistic about the hiring landscape and what is coming next for doxo. Like many in the industry, he’s feeling more optimistic about the economy than last year. “I think things are getting better as companies have level set and will be looking to grow again soon.” He noted that the rash of tech company layoffs a few months ago are finally starting to have some impact as those employees took some time while they had severance pay or just wanted a break from the job hunt, but are now starting to hit the market. Some people also take the summer off, but by autumn WIlliams expects that more candidates will be competing for roles. “I see a shift a little more towards an employer’s market by fall.” Because everyone has bills to pay, right? That’s the basic fact that underlies doxo’s business. To keep them running at the top of their game, they will always make sure they are using best recruiting practices to keep top talent interested in coming on board. 


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