Looking Forward to Future Innovation and Hiring with Scale Venture Partners

Craig Rosenberg is the Chief Platform Officer for Scale Venture Partners. He manages the Scale go-to market Platform which leverages data and community to deliver the expertise SaaS companies require in their move from founder-led growth to becoming a repeatable revenue generating machine. The portfolio at Scale speaks for itself. So yeah, he knows a thing or two about growing organizations and what it takes for them to succeed. We value his opinion on where the market is going as far as hiring for these high-growth companies. 

We’ve all seen the ebb and flow of hiring. What does Craig think of the current state? “There is definitely hiring going on, but it’s more of a considered decision now,” he says. “The tech sector is coming back to normal. We had a big run where it was ‘growth at all costs’ and hiring decisions were fast. Now organizations are doing what they are supposed to do, hiring to fill gaps and identify opportunities in the market.” One plus side to the recent layoffs and slowdown is that there is now a deep bench of people looking for work now. For example, lots of CMOs were let go, but they are now being hired back. It’s a great example of companies trying to cut costs and only seeing the value of a CMO once they are gone. There is a bit of reckoning happening as well, where CMOs and other executives benefited from the “gold rush” of 2021. “Some people out negotiated the company in heady times, and there was some pay inflation. But all things balance out in the end, and we’re closer to the hiring landscape of five years ago.”

So hiring is picking up, and it is swinging a bit back to being more of an employer’s market. But, there are lots of opportunities out there for good candidates with solid skills and backgrounds. From the venture capital standpoint, it’s a great time to find talented people. Employers just need to look a little closer, and candidates need to showcase their skills. For sales pros, some had great numbers during boom times, but as Craig cautions, “Did the market make the candidate or did the candidate make the market?” As the economy pulls back a bit, the real stars are now standing out. 

We asked Craig for a forecast, and the great thing about being in venture capital is being able to get a front row seat to the innovation that is coming down the pike. “Tech goes through currents. There is so much innovation going on with AI, and other tech that most people can’t imagine. The future is looking really incredible.” 

Innovation means growth, and growth is good for hiring. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

Craig Rosenberg

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