Wrench: A Late-Stage Startup Going Places

Owning a vehicle is pretty important for most people. However, although ownership brings tremendous benefits and enables our highly mobile lifestyle, it can also come with hassles. Wrench is a company built around removing the hassles of vehicle ownership. We talked with Kevin Urie, the SVP of Business Marketing, Sales, and Service Operations at Wrench, to get the scoop on how this unique business works and why it’s growing so quickly.

Founded 8 years ago, Wrench is a marketplace and an application, connecting car owners or potential owners with qualified mechanics and technicians. It’s a unique mix of engineering technology and automotive expertise. There are currently about 10,000 technicians on the marketplace. These professionals can be booked via the app, and come to your home to fix your car. One of the most popular services is the “Lemon Squad” – pros who will come out to check out a used car that potential buyers are looking at and want an assessment of quality. They also work with larger organizations with fleets of vehicles and finance companies who deal with loans for used cars. In short, if you have vehicle needs, Wrench is a resource to reduce the friction of vehicle ownership. 

Besides helping consumers, the platform is a boon for mechanics and technicians, connecting them with the people that need their services. They can sign up for full time or part time work. Wrench has found a way to remove hassle for the mechanics as well and makes their jobs easier. 

Building the team that is the backbone of Wrench isn’t easy. “We have a complex engineering platform that powers the marketplace and the app. It has to handle detailed scheduling and pricing,” says Urie. “The app has to work for technicians and consumers. It’s incredibly complex.” So they need to find people that have knowledge of the engineering platform but also be able to put themselves in the mind of the consumer to see what they actively need. “We need people who understand cars and people, not just technology,” says Urie. 

As a later stage startup, Wrench is poised for even more growth and needs to keep their team efficient. As they continue to gain market share, they need to make sure they have the right fit. The surge in online used car sales means that more people need their “Lemon Squad” services and with the average age of cars being older than ever more people need their car serviced. These market changes have Wrench in a good position for growth. 

As 2024 progresses, Wrench is more focused than ever on their mission to remove the hassle of vehicle ownership. Wrench is like a finely tuned vehicle!


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