Why You Need to Hire Top Sales Performers Now

 As we get 2023 started, there is one starred item on most hiring managers’ list: hire top sales performers NOW. The current job market is still robust despite a few headline-grabbing layoffs from some mega companies, and many top performers are still in hot demand, but sales professionals is at the top of many employers’ wishlists. The reason is clear – while you might be able to make cuts in other departments or freeze hiring for some roles, the sales department is the revenue engine for the company. Companies need to keep the flywheel of sales and revenue spinning, and you can’t do that without top sales performers.

Don’t just take it from us: we checked in with some people in the know. Hiring top sales people is a priority. Noah Kusz, co-founder of Kevala says, “Last time we had an active search for sales roles, it was a very tough talent market in the Seattle area. With lots of tech/SaaS hiring in the region, finding qualified candidates (we were looking for those with SaaS and healthcare experience) that came in with reasonable comp expectations was a challenge.” 

What are they looking for in sales professionals? Kusz says, “We’re looking for tenacity, intelligence, and comfort in front of executive audiences.” The roles that are most in demand for Kevala are for outbound sellers with the tenacity to hit the phones daily to achieve their and the company’s goals. Chase Nall at Outgo says they look for smart, humble, hungry and intellectually curious. They seek people who are emotionally intelligent and empathetic, and those “more interested in the process than the outcome.” As for roles, Nall says the Account Executive is always an “in-demand” role, as is SDR. “The interesting thing right now is that there are a lot of really talented people in the market, looking for organizations that will invest in them and help them grow. So, I don’t think it’s a supply/demand type of challenge, as much as it is a “right fit” type of problem.” 

Kusz agrees: “Typically, the greatest challenge we face in hiring sales professionals is making sure that the role we’re looking to fill is a good fit for the candidate, and vice versa. Too often, in my opinion, it’s a good fit for one party in the negotiation, but not the other. In that case, almost always it results in failure far sooner than it should because someone’s needs aren’t getting met. Instead, I always strive to make sure that the open role we’re hiring for is a good fit for the candidate, and that the candidate is a good fit for our organization, values, and culture.”

Our advice? Don’t wait! This is the time to find the top sales talent that will drive your organization’s growth. Some reasons that now is the time for hiring:

  • Some of the high profile tech layoffs are providing a rare window of opportunity to get some stellar sales athletes. If growth is a priority, snap up this talent fast! They won’t stay on the market for long.
  • The calendar is turning: many companies have a pause while they wait for 2023 budgets to be funded. Grab that talent now to avoid competing offers that will surely follow later in 2023. 
  • Top performers traditionally make job changes in early in Q1 – Sales performers want to maximize their earning ability through all four quarters. Get on the hunt now to look for those who are wrapped up a solid year of sales in 2022 and are be looking to start fresh in 2023.
  • Certain roles are already  especially hot demand, and are projected to be even more so next year. These include VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Enterprise Account Executives, Inside Sales Representatives. The sooner you start looking to fill these roles, the better.

Our best advice, however, is to find a recruiting partner who understands the unique challenges and opportunities in Sales Recruiting. There is a reason TalentReach is the agency top Seattle employers turn to for this specialized task. We have deep experience in matching the right people to the right companies, and putting star salespeople in the right positions. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.


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