Unleashing Growth Potential: How PMO as a Service Empowers Evolving Businesses

At TalentReach, we realize that our clients face a variety of challenges when dealing with growth, scalability, or even an acquisition, and traditional staffing models don’t necessarily provide the best solutions for the client’s needs. One of the ways we can provide a higher level of service and value is by offering a PMO as a Service approach. This approach allows us to partner with our clients to deliver complex transformational initiatives on all levels focusing on speed, expertise, and scalability. PMOaaS is a shift from the conventional views on, and execution of, project and program management activities. As with SaaS and IaaS, organizations can scale up and scale down the services provided by our PMOaaS model and select the right-fit blend of services. These services usually require a blend of strategic, tactical, as well as analytical resources throughout the various phases of initiatives. We find our clients’ major challenges with regards to project leadership/delivery stem from a few major areas.

Time: Whether it is a merger & acquisition project or a scale up of an existing PMO structure, deadlines are everywhere. PMOaaS allows our clients to bring on specific expertise in an expedited fashion so that ramp-up time is minimalized, and teams are able to start producing in quicker fashion eliminating cost overruns and creating continuity in delivery.

Structure and visibility: We have found that many struggling PMO’s fail due to a lack of vision or planning when they were initially created. PMOaaS allows our clients the ability to analyze their current environment and use best practices, create a structure and process roadmap. This will achieve a paramount level of strategic thinking, visibility, and communication from the PMO bringing alignment to business units, technical teams, departments, and overall strategy for the company.

Lack of sufficient headcount: With many of these projects/initiatives, our clients just don’t have the headcount to successfully deliver annual roadmaps. PMOaaS allows a scalable solution to ramp teams up and down in an efficient manner without diminishing skillset or quality of resource.

In conclusion, this delivery leadership engagement model and its unique ability to match experienced resources to culture and processes are key success factors leading to successfully partnering with our clients. Throughout these engagements, TalentReach provides the right resources versed either in technology or business and are able to quickly blend into the client’s workplace ensuring a positive outcome for everyone.


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