TalentReach Sponsors TiE Entrepreneur Institute

TalentReach thrives on innovation. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is to support other entrepreneurs who become tomorrow’s big business leaders and our future clients. That’s why we’re supporting the TiE Entrepreneur Institute.

TiE Entrepreneur Institute is a program by TiE Seattle to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building and launching a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and domain experts in interactive sessions. TiE Seattle has gathered a group of successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to conduct a series of webinars to help them successfully build and launch a startup.

Our co-founder, Eric Crawford will be presenting on September 29th, on how to recruit a high performance team and build a robust company culture. Highlights will include:

  • Understanding how to recruit a strong team for your startup. 
  • Understanding how to select a recruiting team that can help you in building out your team.
  • Learning how to build a high performance company culture from a veteran entrepreneur. 
  • Understanding how to create a value system for your startup that will guide employee behavior and actions.

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