TalentReach and Springboard

Breaking news! We’re pleased to announce our adoption of a candidate relationship solution from Springboard Technologies, a game-changing HR Technology company. As a recruiting agency that differentiates itself by focusing on people while also embracing technology solutions, we were immediately drawn to Springboard’s technology, people, and vision. It enables our recruiters to improve interactions with candidates and will provide us with great analytical tools to measure the candidate’s experience with the recruiting process, as well as the entire employee lifecycle.

“Our vision for TalentReach is to build real relationships with candidates, to understand what they want from their careers and what they value,” says co-founder Eric Crawford. “That’s very difficult to do at scale, but Springboard brings the team, resources, and expertise to amplify our efforts.”

In the current recruiting climate, it is difficult to source top talent, whether they are passive candidates or actively seeking new roles. The pandemic and the economic landscape have also fundamentally changed the way recruiting works, and the expectations of candidates. To stay at the top of our game, we need to streamline the process, and engage with candidates consistently and efficiently, without communication gaps or frustrating process bottlenecks. By delivering a superior recruiting experience, we find and keep the most sought-after candidates and match them with the right roles at our client’s organizations. The Springboard platform meets us where we are and brings efficiencies to our processes while aligning with our values and mission.

Our team has decades of experience that we can offer as Springboard continues to refine their platform. We share the pain points and common problems that we see over and over again in the recruiting space, so that Springboard can continue to innovate in this overlooked but essential part of our strategy. 

“A transactional based approach to recruiting undermines the needs of candidates and employers alike.  It also makes it very difficult for recruiters to provide and create a truly valued experience,” continues Crawford. 
“It is great to work with like-minded people who are dedicated to improving the candidate and recruiter experiences and getting to the heart of what they want TalentReach to represent,” says Paul Cook, CEO of Springboard.  “When Springboard began, we were focused solely on the employee journey and experience, but when we met with Eric we realized the complexity of the recruiting process was an ideal application of our platform.”


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