TalentReach and Reverb: Partners in Organizational Transformation

Reverb believes every decision a leader makes reverberates throughout the organization. That is why they are on a mission to help organizations build healthy, inclusive environments through their human resources consulting practice. It’s also why they are in a thriving relationship with TalentReach.

First, what does Reverb do? They can come into an organization, often start ups, and help set up a human resources department. The HR function is usually not the first one startups (especially technology startups) think about as they focus on creating their product or service first, but it is a critical one to get right as they build a culture. Having experienced HR people step in and guide these organizations is what Reverb does best. Sometimes they can come step in for a discrete project, such as an organization’s first performance review or an engagement survey. Sometimes they need to start the HR department from scratch and create policy, fundamentals and a mission statement.  Sometimes Reverb can put in an interim c-suite HR executive to run the show while the organization gets rolling. Whatever the HR need is, whether a few hours a month or forty hours a week, Reverb can do it.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic changed everything. Reverb’s HR services grew by over 50% last year. The work of HR for many organizations became more difficult with new emphasis on DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) vaccine mandates, and remote work. It became clear that recognizing employee’s wellbeing became a new priority and organizations looked to Reverb to support their work force and guide their leaders through this challenging time. 

In this new landscape, Reverb and TalentReach are like-minded peers, both in hypergrowth mode. They have looked to each other for expertise in various areas. 

“TalentReach has hosted great panel discussions with local thought leaders and industry stars,” says Mikaela Kiner, Founder and CEO of Reverb. “They are really ones to follow. They have carved out  a niche in sales and sales support recruitment in particular. We like being able to check in with each other and be sounding boards for each other.. And of course we are always sending referrals of business and people back and forth.”

The organizations that look to Reverb understand that they are focused on people and building a culture, not just checking off boxes of HR tasks. They only work with organizations that have similar cultures to Reverb’s own culture: kindness and flexibility are key, and diversity is valued. Their mission and values align with TalentReach, and creates a thriving partnership. 

Recruiting and HR consulting overlap in many areas, and both are more important than ever in this new competitive landscape. It’s not just about filling roles: it’s creating and sustaining an organizational culture that resonates with employees and fulfills them. “Agency recruiting can have a bad rap, and be considered purely transactional,” says Kiner. “TalentReach cares about the relationship. Their high-touch philosophy sets them apart.” 

The same is true of Reverb. It’s no surprise that both TalentReach and Reverb are at the forefront of the wave of change transforming the recruiting and human resources functions at successful organizations. 


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