TalentReach and GeekWork Partnership

We’re excited to be one of the inaugural partners in GeekWire’s newest division, GeekWork. If you haven’t gotten up to speed on this new venture, here’s the scoop. GeekWork is a full-service recruiting engine for some of the area’s top employers. It connects hiring teams with high-quality engineers, developers, designers, project managers and other key technical workers.

What inspired this program? “Finding high-level technical talent remains one of the biggest challenges that companies face,” said Jason Greer, a longtime Seattle entrepreneur who GeekWire hired this fall to run GeekWork. GeekWork was formed to leverage GeekWire’s strong connections in the Pacific Northwest community to match developers, engineers and a host of other employees with impactful job opportunities at some of the region’s top companies”

It’s more than just matchmaking between the Puget Sound’s top employers and candidates. It’s also helping to tell the story of recruiting partners like TalentReach. As a boutique recruiting agency who has made their name by building strong relationships with both employers and candidates, rather than just trying to throw resumes at job openings, TalentReach was a great fit as a partner.

“We are in the business of people,” says TalentReach founder Jeff Sears. “We have embedded ourselves in the Puget Sound tech community and we like to work with partners who share our values. We’ve always been huge fans of GeekWire, so we were happy to be an inaugural GeekWork partner.”

Another thing that TalentReach and GeekWire agree on: talent doesn’t sleep. Whether the economy is in a boom or bust cycle, successful organizations will always need talent. Hiring never really stops, despite what headlines might say. TalentReach is looking forward to seeing what GeekWork will bring to the local hiring landscape and is excited to be part of it.

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