Smartsheet and TalentReach

“We can’t build a thing without the talent that humans provide.” – Jen Stoural, VP of Talent at Smartsheet.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based software platform that is redefining the possibilities of work management and empowering people to do amazing things. 

The phenomenal success of their platform is a huge testament to the hard work and ingenuity of their stellar team. To remain the leader in their space, they need to keep that pipeline of talent flowing. TalentReach is one of their tools in managing this in a labor market that is constantly changing.

Earlier in 2022, Smartsheet was in growth mode, and needed to bring on more high-performing sales professionals. They turned to TalentReach to help reach the right people. “TalentReach was a great partner,” says Stoural. “Everyone was going after the same talent, so we had to differentiate ourselves. Our TalentReach contacts understood Smartsheet and what we are building. They could tell the story of our platform and our leadership. We worked on refining the job reqs and got people who really buy into our values.”

The pandemic changed recruiting for everyone, and Smartsheet was no exception. They quickly learned that candidates really needed to understand the “WHY” of Smartsheet. It’s really a fun platform to sell, which made it very important that candidates understood it. Many SAAS employers were hiring too – but many of those platforms don’t generate the excitement and enthusiasm that Smartsheet does. 

It wasn’t only sales professionals that Smartsheet needed. Like most tech companies, engineers are always in demand. TalentReach knows how to reach these professionals as well, and are able to hone in on the right ones due to the research they put in and the relationships they built at Smartsheet. “They check in with us, and are nimble and agile,” says Stoural. “They refine the profile they are searching for, and dig in as to why one candidate worked and another didn’t.”

Smartsheet exceeded its hiring goals for the first quarter of its fiscal year, , so now their team is concentrating on onboarding and developing the talent they have brought on. Having an agency like TalentReach is a great way to manage the workloads for the Smartsheet team, and can be called in when their team needs their extra bandwidth, but can pause when demand slows. But having a long-term relationship means that when they are called upon again, they don’t need time to ramp back up to speed: they understand the assignment.

“TalentReach is a strategic and diverse partner that can dig in with you for the long haul,” concludes Stoural. “They partner with you for what is best for your company, not just what is best for them. They are out for what’s best for your organization for the long term.”


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