Landing a Tech Job in 2024: a Conversation with Better Career

It’s been a head-spinning time in tech recruiting and employment. The demand for skilled tech workers has ebbed and flowed pretty significantly in the last 18 months, from a red hot candidate’s market to a wave of tech layoffs and back again. It’s times like this that Yuji Higashi’s work at Better Career is especially critical. 

Yuji Higashi and Mattie Stremic are co-founders of Better Career, a career platform created to help candidates find new roles in B2B tech companies. They offer multiple levels of coaching, a host of resources on job searching and provide 1:1 support for people looking to make a move in their career. Their “secret sauce” may be their flagship offering, the Job Accelerator Program, which provides a step-by-step process in how to get a job in the industry. They help frame the candidates’ experience, do live coaching, help with resume templates and give candidates access to hiring managers and recruiters. We talked to Higashi about the response to his platform’s offerings. 

“Getting a job in tech in 2024 requires a new approach,” says Higashi. “It’s a competitive job market, but we’re seeing that there will be more roles available, as more are starting to open up now. But it’s a different world than 2021, and candidates need to approach it differently.”

With the wave of layoffs in the tech industry in 2023, many tech job postings are getting resumes from multiple qualified candidates. The key to success, and the business that Better Careers is built upon, is differentiating yourself from other qualified candidates. In the ancient old days, you might have just needed a good resume – now you need an optimized LinkedIn profile. Before, your established network was probably sufficient to land a new role – now you need to build a new, expanded network, and be looking to connect with people who are at prospective employers. 

This is especially true for people looking to change careers. “In some ways they are in better position, as they are going above and beyond the typical job hunting efforts, and they are surpassing a lot of experienced candidates,” says Higashi. 

As we look ahead to 2024, there are lots of opportunities for candidates looking for roles in B2B tech companies, for those who are willing to put in the effort. Another opportunity: most candidates prefer a remote or hybrid role. Companies who are requiring an in-office presence will have to be competitive and make it worth while. On the flip side, candidates who are willing to relocate or go in to the office might have more opportunities. The big takeaway from Higashi: “Really think about your approach and be as proactive as you can in your job search. Modernize your methods of looking for that next role.”

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