Highspot and TalentReach

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams. With the content to engage customers, guidance to land strategy, training to improve skills, coaching to elevate performance, and analytics to inform action, Highspot equips every rep to execute with impact — empowering you to drive strategy and revenue.   

“Highspot is on a mission to transform the way millions of people work,” says Katie Gregoire, Senior Manager of Recruiting. “We are changing the way companies everywhere equip, train, and coach their people to drive business success.”  

As any high growth company knows, recruiting top talent is challenging. Highspot needed to hire the right people, at the right time, with an inclusive hiring process. This approach takes time and effort. So, Highspot partnered with TalentReach.

TalentReach was tasked with supporting the Services team, especially for sourcing Solution Architects and Service Executives – the professions that work with clients post-sales.  

TalentReach took the time to understand the company culture. By listening and building a relationship instead of focusing on “quick fixes” or resume dumps, they were able to quickly source talent for Highspot’s specific needs. 

Something that stood out about TalentReach for the Highspot team is the ability to take feedback from our internal recruiters and hiring managers and pivot quickly. Coupled with the due diligence that was used up front to understand the pain points of hiring at Highspot, this has resulted in being able to save the team valuable time.

One success story: Highspot was searching for a Service Executive, and after a thorough search, found a strong candidate – the rare “purple unicorn” – who was hired and brought tremendous value to the team. Now, when filling similar roles, they are able to mirror that profile of caliber, and replicate the process. Subsequent hires became easier to source. This is the value of long term relationships.

“TalentReach is a critical partner to Highspot. I did my due diligence in choosing an agency – we wanted a partner focused on developing relationships,” says Gregoire. “Together we’re set up for long-term success.”


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