Five Tips for Interviewing for Sales Roles

The job interview is the time to make that stellar first impression. This is true for any role, but when interviewing for sales roles, it’s even more important to show your skills and what you’re bringing to the table for the organization. The reality is that sales is one of the most critical roles in an organization – you’re bringing in the revenue that makes everything else possible. So what can you do to shine? Here are a few tips:

  • Approach the interview like it’s a hot sales deal. Because it is – you’re selling yourself. Just like when selling products or services, focus on the employer’s pain points and show how you’ll solve them. Have they had high turnover? Talk about how you’re looking for a long-term role. A complex product to sell? Time to explain how quickly you are to able to learn and ramp into a role. Do they have trouble penetrating a certain region or market? You know what to do. 
  • Know your KPIs. Past performance is the (usually) the best indicator of future performance. Lots of sales people are charming and personable in an interview – but all that matters is if you can sell. Be ready to discuss how you’ve succeeded in the past, and have the numbers to prove it. 
  • Do your homework. Like with any sale, know the buyer. Research the company, their customer base, their competitor and major milestones. Also research the people interviewing you. A quick perusal of your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile will give you a wealth of information that can be useful in an interview. This is basic due diligence.
  • Be ready with questions. No one knows everything. You’ve got to have some questions prepared that show you’ve researched the company and you’re interested in the role. Don’t forget, the interview is just as much for your information as for their information. Find out the details of what is expected in this role, what it takes to be successful, what the organizational culture is like. 
  • Don’t forget the close. Like with any customer, don’t leave without asking for next steps and follow up. Show your enthusiasm for the role and ask what else you can send them to demonstrate your skills or sales experience. A “thank you for taking the time to meet with me” also always goes a long way!

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