Five Roles in Demand in 2021

If the only constant is change, that is never more true for the job market. While some jobs are always in demand, others ebb and flow based on the ever-changing market conditions. At TalentReach, we are watching the market explode with demand for many roles as the economy comes roaring back after a COVID-induced slumber, but here are the roles we see most in demand in the coming months:

Software Engineer 

This is an easy one. Engineers have been in demand for a while, and even the most recent college grads with a Computer Science degree, or the skills, will have multiple employment offers. It’s more than just writing readable, testable, maintainable code,  though that is critical. They need to be able to collaborate with team members, both front end and backend developers, deliver technical estimates, manage workloads and successfully prioritize to achieve milestones. They need to contribute meaningfully in an agile scrum team, and be comfortable with peer code reviews. As always, those that can look beyond the code to see opportunities for further automation or improvements to the larger system will set themselves apart. 

Enterprise AE 

This role is the backbone of the enterprise software sales machine. As new platforms multiply faster than rabbits, it takes seasoned pros to make their solutions stand out from the crowd and build a qualified pipeline. This role requires a pile of skills, from strategic to communications to financial forecasting. The best ones are in hot demand.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

The SDR is the front line of the sales team, and thus the revenue base for a company. These people are usually the first line of contact between a customer and the company. They need to put their best foot forward, creating qualified sales opportunities for the product or service being offered. The very best product or service will never get off the ground without a team of SDRs ready to evangelize. They need to be passionate and meticulous and most of all have that hard-to-quantify talent – the hustle.  

Site Reliability Engineer/Dev Ops.

Companies live and die by their website. Down time is lost revenue. Hacked websites are also a huge liability. That’s why an SRE/Dev Ops role is a critical one for successful tech companies, but the last few months have seen a huge surge in demand. This role is a mixture of software engineering, infrastructure know-how and dev ops skill. The right person needs to constantly be asking, “Is it scalable? Is it reliable? Can the website handle a sudden traffic spike?” These pros live and breathe in the AWS and Azure world, and are constantly thinking about automation and running scenarios that customers might encounter. Did we mention it is very well compensated? 

Project Manager 

As today’s technical projects get more complex, demand grows for top notch Project Managers. These people have a knack for keeping all the trains running on time, and can multitask like nobody’s business. They can manage and scope out multiple projects, set goals, identify and clear bottlenecks, while keeping an eagle eye on day to day workflows. They can think high level strategy and vision while making sure the nitty gritty tactical details are handled. They can measure and report results, while always keeping an eye on how to improve. Skilled Project Managers are key to many tech companies’ success. 

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