Employee-Focused Talent Agency TalentReach awarded one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Seattle.


January 24, 2022

“Our employees are the backbone of the TalentReach organization, and we are thrilled to have received this recognition from Built In Seattle,” said Jeff Sears, Co-Founder and Partner of TalentReach. “Over the past five years, we have been fortunate to experience exponential growth while supporting the greater Pacific Northwest tech community in attracting and retaining top tier talent. TalentReach has built its reputation on making the recruiting process fast, efficient and successful, delivering only the best matches so organizations can focus on their core mission.”

Built In Seattle selected TalentReach based on a combination of factors including superior employee benefits, competitive salaries, diversity and culture, health and wellness, professional and social impact, paid-time off allowances as well as a flexible work environment.

Continued Jeff, “we have seen employee engagement and motivation increase during the pandemic when we pivoted to a fully remote work model with an ability to work anywhere there is internet, along with new perks like unlimited paid time off.  We have seen firsthand that time away from work improves mental health, engagement and productivity so we encourage our teams to travel and set clear boundaries between work and personal life.”  

This is TalentReach’s second year being awarded one of the Best Places to Work – winning a spot on the prestigious Puget Sound Business Journal’s list in 2021.  

About TalentReach

Finding great talent in an ultra-competitive market is possible. TalentReach has built our model on more than 40 years of combined experience in Seattle’s unique market. Our model has people and long-lasting relationships at its core. This model has allowed our clients and our candidates to trust us with one of the most important decisions they will make for their business and themselves – the hiring decision. Don’t settle for just satisfactory. Invest in the best.

About Built In Seattle

A revolution in recruitment.  For millions of tech professionals nationwide, Built In is the best place to learn about the industry, build connections and carve out futures at companies they believe in. Our vision is to connect the world through a shared passion for tech and the human need for purpose. United we tech.

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