Client Profile: Impinj

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of daily life. Our devices, appliances, even our pets have become connected to the Internet. One local company, Impinj, is riding this wave by developing a connectivity platform provides a foundation for customers to develop IoT solutions that help them virtualize, analyze and optimize their business.

The company has connected over 50 billion items to date with its Rain RFID battery-free wireless technology, and with so many companies across all different industries interested in solving business problems with data, growth continues. And that means growing a team in a competitive job market. 

Hiring has not slowed down as we approach the end of the year. Right now, they are busy recruiting for Q1 hires. Impinj has turned to TalentReach to help make the process as efficient as possible. 

Impinj has multiple needs as far as recruiting. They need a steady pipeline of developers and engineers, some full-time employees, and some contract employees. While Impinj Recruiting focuses on keeping an eye on long-term internal talent development, they turned to TalentReach to handle the contract employees. 

“What I like about TalentReach is that they do a really thorough job about being upfront. I can talk to them in a plain manner. I appreciate the honesty and openness,” says Doug Younts, Senior Technical Recruiter.

TalentReach got to know Impinj’s business model and corporate culture up front, so they really understood what kind of candidates would work for their contract roles. They also understood the type of people who thrived at Impinj. Impinj offers more than just a base salary and stock incentive. They knew the people who were happiest were the ones who wanted to work for an industry leader and be able to really make an impact on the team. TalentReach was able to articulate their story, and position only excellent candidates to fill the roles. 

Requests for a new contract role now goes to TalentReach. Younts know TalentReach will be there to get the process rolling and will deliver top candidates. He can stay focused on his core responsibilities, knowing he has a partner in recruiting – TalentReach.


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