Case Study: Imperative

Overview: Imperative is a social impact business. It has used behavioral science to build a video-based peer coaching platform. Imperative matches peers for 1:1 guided conversations, that help them process their thinking and emotions, while also growing an employee’s network within the organization. Employees are matched quarterly with new partners. Imperative seeks to build employee relationships and create a fulfilling, productive work environment. 

Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst

Problem: While Imperative seeks to grow their team, there is no roadmap for what they are doing, and no precedent for the skills that their team will need. “There is no playbook. Our employees must have the skills to adapt and help the company move forward on the fly,” says Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst. 

Solution:  Imperative called on TalentReach to help them find the candidates who could embrace the mission of Imperative 

Results: Imperative has had several hires from candidates that TalentReach has sent. “The TalentReach approach is very good for us, but also respectful of the candidates. That is really important to us. Part of work is looking for work. We want to make it meaningful,” says Hurst. “TalentReach sent us a few highly qualified candidates, and not a pile of resumes like we had from other agencies. That is a waste of everyone’s time.”

Hiring during a global pandemic highlighted the need for recruiters who weren’t just looking for a quick commission.  “With COVID and the pandemic, the amount of integrity that TalentReach showed was incredible. To treat us as partners, that is unusual. They were very generous with their time and resources, and flexible on contracts. We will be forever grateful for that,” says Hurst.

TalentReach understood the mission of Imperative, and could represent them and communicate what they were looking for to candidates. As a social impact business, it was really important to find people passionate about the Imperative mission, highly skilled in technology, and also highly skilled sales professionals. The relationship between Imperative and TalentReach had to be far more than merely transactional. They had to be partners. This paid off in great new team members for Imperative. The bottom line for Imperative: TalentReach found them the people they need.


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