Case Study: Formations

Overview: Formations is a financial management solution for the self-employed. As the fastest growing segment of the workforce, the founders recognized a need for a holistic financial management solution that would serve this unique market. They work with self-employed businesses to convert them from a sole proprietorship to an S-corporation, the best structure for small businesses. Once incorporated, Formations manages the new S-Corp entire financial back office including bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, payroll, payments and benefits, so customers can focus on their businesses, and not on their books. 

Problem: As a new company, founded in 2019, Formations was looking to scale rapidly as well, and needed qualified sales account executives to grow their new business. As an early-stage startup, Formations needed to build out an entirely new sales process. “We needed sales professionals that were ready, able and willing to go outside their typical role,” says Taylor Eidsmoe, Sales Manager at Formations. “We wanted people who could help build a repeatable sales process that resulted in predictable revenue, while also creating a great experience for the people we were talking to”

Solution: Formations found TalentReach, who had deep sales experience, and understood the challenge of building a new sales process. Because TalentReach recruiters have been sales leaders themselves, they knew how to sift through a massive pool of applicants and get to the best qualified.

Taylor Eidsmoe, Formations

“What I liked about TalentReach that was different from other recruiters was the amount of time they put in to send me detailed information on the candidates. Other recruiters sent candidate profiles with limited information and I would really have to dig in,” says Eidsmoe. “TalentReach sent me a resume, a LinkedIn profile, the kind of solutions the candidate had previously sold, average deal size AND a write up from the candidate on why they would be a good fit.” With this much information, it was easy for Eidsmoe to quickly see who would work for her team.

She also could be confident going into the interview process that the candidate had excellent potential, and didn’t have to waste her time with interviews with candidates that were a poor fit.  

Result: TalentReach helped grow the team from one person to a team of six. “The team has ramped effectively and because TalentReach helped place amazing people, we were able to exceed our Q4 target and lay the foundation for scalability,” says Eidsmoe. “I’m grateful to have a team so willing to roll up their sleeves, adapt quickly, and contribute in ways that are beyond my expectations.” The Formations sales team continues to excel for this new company.


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