TalentReach and Eventcore: A Perfect Match

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eventcore is a Seattle company that provides custom event registration and technology solutions for events. They can create technology for the most complex high-visibility and customer-critical events with a customized software platform. eventcore provides the technology and customer service for pre-event registration, attendee check in, hotel reservation, financial functions and real-time data analysis primarily for corporate events. eventcore works directly with in-house event teams as well as with third-party event hosting services to ensure successful events and customer relationships for their clients.


eventcore was ready to grow and build a sales team from the ground up. As a relatively small organization, they do not have full time human resources staff or recruiters. CFO Rachel Seashore also did not want to take time away from her critical role to delve into trying to recruit for this new team. “Everyone wears a lot of hats here, but sales recruiting was a new undertaking, and we needed to move quickly.”


eventcore connected with TalentReach, who got started by learning about the mission and culture of the eventcore team. “TalentReach took the time to get to know our company and our office. The TalentReach team really got to know what we were looking for.” TalentReach was able to understand what the corporate culture of eventcore was and also ascertained what type of people they needed to get a solid sales team off the ground. TalentReach sent in a few candidates, got early feedback and were able to use that to send in the perfect candidates for eventcore.



TalentReach filled two roles for eventcore very quickly. “They really took frank and honest feedback on things we were looking for,” explained Seashore. TalentReach had a weekly debrief with eventcore and gathered information until they knew the exact candidates for the roles eventcore needed to fill. “It was evident they had deep experience in sales, and had spent time in those roles themselves. They could see what we needed,” said Seashore.

TalentReach was able to find candidates eventcore wouldn’t have been able to find with their own efforts. The perfect candidate for one role was employed elsewhere, and not actively looking for a new position. The TalentReach team was able to identify her and bring her in to interview, where she quickly connected with the team and took the role.

The newly-formed sales team is up and running and crushing it at eventcore. “I keep saying, ‘We got the perfect hires’. They are perfect for our team!” says Seashore. “TalentReach was awesome to work with – we highly recommend them.”

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