Five Tech Companies to Watch in 2019

There is no doubt that Seattle’s tech boom shows no sign of stopping. The city continues to attract top tech talent and fosters companies that thrive on innovation. At TalentReach, we are always keeping an eye on the tech scene as we help our clients stand out in a crowded field. Here are five companies that we think are ones to watch in 2019.

Zume: This tech company is all about food industry automation. While many other food industry startups have been focused on delivery (think Postmates or Uber Eats), Zume is looking at a bigger picture. They are focused on automating every aspect of the process, using robots and workers to create “on demand”, healthy food and get it right into the hands of consumers. Their focus is pizza, but the platform has much broader applications, and they are using data and analytics to create efficiencies in an industry that is often still focused on just connecting delivery drivers and consumers.

Boomerang Commerce: This machine learning e-commerce platform is set to leverage the massive retail power of Amazon. Their platform uses sophisticated analytics and and data mining to help e-commerce teams maximize efforts and drive revenue. They can look for risks and opportunities in various sectors, then predict behaviors and make recommendations. Their technology has caught the eye of industry analysts at Gartner, who have named them a “Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce.” This one would be one to watch just because of its founder. Craig Unger is a tech titan, having long experience at Microsoft (he created the Pivot Table for Excel) and founded local cloud computing integration startup, Azuqua. His latest venture is focused on compliance and managing data in today’s regulatory landscape, where the stakes are high. The market here is huge – and investors are aware. Funding has followed Unger, and is on everyone’s radar.

4C Insights: This data science and marketing technology is taking analytics from social media and other streams and using it to help customers make real time decisions that drive their brands forward. While using data to drive decisions isn’t new, they stand out for putting the power directly into marketers’ hands, creating tools and data sets that maximize any marketing or advertising investments – and the payoff is clear. Because data alone isn’t helpful; it’s the insights and analysis that 4C provides that is making the market take note.

Compass: This isn’t your parents’ real estate company. Compass is a tech platform that is disrupting the luxury real estate market, changing they way clients and agents interact and discover and purchase or rent high end properties. They are revamping and connecting the entire real estate sales and rental ecosystem, from marketing to finance, and using technology to get people in the right homes, faster, and with a better experience. They seem to be on to something – currently valued at $4.4 billion, they’ve been acquiring other companies to build a robust platform that changes an antiquated industry.

If you’re working in tech and think you have what it takes to work at companies like these, give us a call!

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